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February 2, 2024

ICME News 96, December 2023 Newsletter

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ICME News 96, December 2023 (English version, PDF); (Spanish version, PDF)

Introductory word of ICME president
Letter from the Editor

Conferences and News / Reports

The Mexico City conference, Heidi McKinnon

Gender equality: Un-gendering Memory and Museum Practices. Report of an international workshop, Urška Repar

ICOM-ICME’s sub-committees annual reports: Shaping the Future: ICME‘s 2023 Journey through Change, Communication, and Global Alliances, Anamaría Rojas Múnera


The Museums in the United Arab Emirates, Rashad M. Bukhash and Saber Marzouki


Collaboration between Slovenian Ethnographic Museum (SEM) and the Museum of Imperial Palaces in Beijing, Ralf Čeplak Mencin

Universal Declaration of Civilization Rights: Why this petition matters, Prof. Ahmed Rashed


Traditional Tribal Dwellings, Nilanjan Khatua

When the past doesn‘t give us peace, Tanja Lazić

Where Taiwan Meets the World: The Reopening of the National Museum of Prehistory, Chun-wei Fang

Comics for decolonization

Unknown soldiers, Heba Abdelgawad and Mohammed Nasser