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ICME-UMAC-NATHIST-ICR 2022 joint annual conference “The Power of Museums: Sustainability”

20-28.08.2022, Prague (included in the 26th ICOM General Conference program)

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22.-23.08 UMAC-NATHIST-ICME-ICR 2022 Joint Annual Conference

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ICME, INTERCOM & ICOM Azerbaijan Joint Conference “Transforming Collecting Policies in Museums: the Need for Leadership and Societal Responsibility”
13-15.10.2021, Baku, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum


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ICOM 25th General Conference “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition”

1-7.09.2019, Kyoto, Japan, ICME 52nd Annual Conference “Diversity and Universtality”

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ICME & CIMCIM Joint Off-site Meeting at National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku)

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Tartu, Estonia, Estonian National Museum, October 2018

Re-imagining the Museum in the Global Contemporary

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Washington DC, USA, October 2017

Migration, Home, and Belonging

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Milano, Italy, July 2016

Museums & Cultural Landscapes: curating & engaging peoples, places & entaglements in an age of migrations

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