Working groups

Besides the board main roles (chair, secretary, treasures, webmaster, newsletter editor), ICME established special internal working groups  for the ongoing activities and projects.


Sylvia Wackernagel / facebook

Agnes Aljas / Social media

Esther Chipashu / Newsletter

Sarah Gamaire / Newsletter

Tone Cecilie Simensen Karlgård / Newsletter

Graeme Were / Newsletter

Sarah Gamaire / Translations

Annual conference

Martin Earring / Washington DC, USA Annual Conference 2017

Agnes Aljas / Tartu, Estonia Annual Conference 2018

Keiko Kuroiwa / Osaka, Japan Annual Conference 2019

Brittany Lauren Wheeler / translations

Special projects

Laurie Beth Kalb Cosmo / Ecomuseums

Keiko Kuroiwa

Sarah Gamaire


Ralf Čeplak Mencin

Laurie Beth Kalb Cosmo


Kiwon Yi