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May 6, 2019

ICME NEws 80: Call for Contributions

The International Committee for Museum Ethnography is inviting calls for contributions for the 80th edition of our Newsletter. We want this issue to be special, as we’ll be rebooting our logo and graphic identity! And because we can’t believe this is the 80th issue!

In each News we like to include an exhibition review, a book review and reports or short pieces of writing from the world of museum practice: these could be reflective pieces or conference reports. The only stipulation is that these all need to be within the field of museum ethnography and anthropology. Please include pictures if you can. Photo essays are also welcome. Please include images separately from any text, in order to make editing easier. Please make sure the text is in an editable format, such as .doc or .txt. The deadline for first drafts is the 20th December 2016, and while there is no official peer review, I will proof documents for any errors. I will then return them to you for review. Corrections will be needed by the 3rd January.

Please contact and please pass this on!