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January 19, 2021

ICME Newsletter 91/2020

Words from the Editor


Committee Announcements and News

ICME News now available in Spanish

Mapping Ethnographic Collections in Brazil – Adriana Russi (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil)

Publication of Restitution and Repatriation Guidance for the UK Delayed by COVID-19

German Contact Point for Collections from Colonial Contexts

Representing COVID-19 in the Museum Portraying the Virus by Carlos Arturo Hernández

The Covid-19 Collecting Project at Auckland Museum, New Zealand by Nina Finigan and Lucy Mackintosh

The Slovene Ethnographic Museum and Humour during the Corona Virus by Gregor Ilaš, Adela Pukl

and Miha Špiček


Articles and Reviews

Starting a New Chapter: The Opening of UPOPOY National Ainu Museum and Park by Mio Yachita

An Exhibition of Zambian Hairstyles over the Last Hundred Years by Happy Chilufya

Book Review: The Metabolic Museum by Clémentine Deliss. Reviewed by Jeremy Silvester


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