ICME 2001 Annual Conference

ICME sessions at ICOM General Conference: Managing Change: Museums facing economic and social challenges

Barcelona, Spain


Prof. Dr.Corneliu Bucur (Romania)

Le musée ” Astra” Sibiu-Roumanie, Musee de la civilisation Transylvaine (PDF)


Joris Capenberghs (Belgium)

The new museum concept for the Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren (PDF)


Lidija Nikocevic (Croatia)

Trying to grasp Multiculturality – New museological praxis in Istria (PDF)


Lydia Icke-Schwalbe (Germany)

The art of craft for social and cultural identity in ethnic groups of India (PDF)

Paul Voogt (Netherlands)

Object ID as a tool to fight illicit traffic of cultural heritage (PDF)


Barbara Woroncow (York, UK)

Heritage for all – expectations of blacks and Asians towards museums (PDF)


Espen Waehle (Denmark)

Contrasting traditions in perceiving Congo artifacts: ethnography vs. folk, ethnic or fine art? (PDF)