ICME 2004 Annual Conference

Conference theme: Intangible Cultural Heritage

Seoul, Korea


Dr. Patrick Boylan

The ICOM Curricula Guidelines for Museum Professional Development and the extension of ICOM’s official role into the Living Intangible Heritage (PDF)

Dr. Henry C Jatti Bredekamp

Transforming representations of Intangible Heritage at Iziko Museums, SA (PDF)

Dr. Matilda Burden

Museums and Intangible Heritage: The Afrikaans Language Museum (PDF)

Dr. Annette Fromm

Transforming the Intangible into the Tangible; Expositions of Ethnic Culture in the United States (PDF)


Dr. Viv Golding

Inspiration Africa! Using tangible and intangible heritage to promote social inclusion amongst young people with disabilities (PDF)

Kolokesa Mahina

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa: The Case of the Intangible Heritage (PDF)

Lidija Nikocevic

The Intangibility of Multiculturalism (PDF)


Daniel Winfree Papuga

A taste of intangible heritage: Food traditions inside and outside of the museum (PDF)

Dr. Margaret Hart Robertson

The Difficulties of Interpreting Mediterranean Voices: Exhibiting Intangibles Using New Technologies (PDF)

Martin Skrydstrup

A Visionary Idea and a Pragmatic Tool: Making a case for a database listing resolutions to cultural property claims (PDF)

Dr. Tom G. Svensson

Knowledge and context – the social life of objects (PDF)

Dr. William Westerman

The Queen City Manifesto: The Potential for Civic Engagement in Local Folklife Museums (PDF)