ICME 2005 Annual Conference

Conference theme: Can Oral History Make Objects Speak?

Nafplion, Greece


Zvjezdana Antos

Stories Of Museum Objects (PDF)


Henry (Jatti) Bredekamp

Oral History, Museums and Communities: a view from the Cape of Good Hope (PDF)


Galia Gavish

Every object tells a tale… (PDF)


Georgia Kakourou-Chroni 

In Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandmother’s house (PDF)


Dionyssia Kallinikou 

Protection of traditional cultural expressions or expressions of folklore (PDF)


Barbel Kherkhoff Hader

Myth making and the relics of life: Work in Progress for an Exhibition (PDF)


Lene Millinger

MIME Migrating Memories. – A Case Study from Malmö Museums, Sweden (PDF)


Irene Nakou

Oral history, museums and history education (PDF)


Olga Orlic

How to present oral history at a museum exhibition? (PDF)


Daniel Winfree Papuga

How do our ethical codes relate to safeguarding intellectual property? (PDF)


Maria Patsarika

Baltic Memories Or, When A Tribute to Collective Memories Becomes Promotional Tool (PDF)


George Pehlivanides & Dimitris Papageorgiou

Creating Representational Patterns from Oral History Records: The case study of Ermou Street at Mytilini, Lesvos (PDF)


Laurella Rincon

My voice in a glass box: objectifying processes in collecting practices at the National Museum of World Culture in Sweden (PDF)


Sophia Roque-Melas

Reminiscence Programmes In The Museum: The Example Of The Handicraft – Industrial Educational Museum (PDF)


Martin Skrydstrup

Some Field Notes on Traditional Knowledge as Intellectual Property (PDF)


Roya Taghiyeva

Azerbaijani Ritual Shadda Carpets as Guarder of the People’s Oral Heritage (PDF)


Maria Velioti-Georgopoulos

The archive of a handicraftsman-merchant from Asia Minor in Nafplio: written documents and oral testimonies (PDF)


Maria Vlachaki

Making the history of our school-museum “alive” (PDF)


Wend Wendland

Safeguarding Cultural Heritage, Protecting Intellectual Property and Respecting the Rights and Interests of Indigenous Communities: What Role for Museums, Archives and Libraries? (PDF)


Emma Willson

Their Past Your Future 1945- 2005 (PDF)


Chul-In Yoo

Creating and Presenting Oral Life Histories in Exhibitions (PDF)