ICME 2006 Annual Conference

Conference theme: Connections, Communities and Collections

Miami Beach (Florida), USA


Peter Bjerregaard

The Materiality of Museum Politics: Reflections on objects and agency in contemporary museum practice (PDF)


Jennifer Bonnell and Roger Simon

Difficult Knowledge, Intimacy and Museum Exhibitions: A Case Study of Kulturen’s Surviving: Voices from Ravensbrück (PDF)

Viv Golding

Recollection and the UK Museum: Object, Image and Word (PDF)


Annette Fromm

Museums And Communities As Seen In The Profession – And In The History Of ICME (PDF)


Aaron Austin Maluwa

The Role Of Museums In Addressing Community Needs In The 21st Century (PDF)


Alexandra Trumbull

Peopling the Powwow: Community Involvement in a Cultural Diorama (PDF)


W. Richard West, Jr.

National Museum of the American Indian: Journeys in the Post-Colonial World (PDF)