ICME 2010 Annual Conference

Conference theme: The Challenging Museum/Challenging the Museum

Shanghai, China


Anette Rein, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Sacred Ritual or Profane ‘Event’ Culture? How can ritual objects and Performances in Museums be Shown with Integrity? (PDF)


Agnes Aljas, National Museum of Estonia

Audience participation as the framework of activities for museums and heritage institutions (PDF)


Zvjezdana Antos, Ethnographic Museum Zagreb (Croatia)

Let´s have a coffee! – Interpretation of items from our daily life (PDF)


Ann Siri Hegseth Garberg, Trondheim (Norway)

Minda. The girl at the pharmacy. An educational programme on sexual assaults. A challenging theme at Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum/ Museums of South Trøndelag – Trondheim,  Norway (PDF)


Viv Golding, University of Leicester, School of Museum Studies (UK)

The elephant in the room or five blind men, 3 women and an elephant. Truth? (PDF)


Klaus Grenill, Museum  of  World  Culture, Gothenburg (Swedeen)

When legitimate claims collide: Dealing with critiques of dialogical efforts in Museum work (PDF)


Stefan Krankenhagen, Kerstin Poehls

Exhibiting Europe. The Development of European narratives in museums, collections, and exhibitions (PDF)


Elena Marushiakova, Vesselin Popov, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies/National Ethnographic Museum at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria)

Roma/Gypsy Museum – Challenging the Museum’s Traditions in Central and South-Eastern Europe (PDF)


Ralf Čeplak Mencin, Slovene Ethnographic Museum (Slovenia)

Museum Roma culture festivals challenging the public (opinion) (PDF)


Tanja Rozenbergar Sega, Museum of recent History Celje (Slovenia)

Collections in (R)evolution (PDF)


Sabrina Hong Yi, University of Adelaide (Australia)

The Comparism of the first and second Generation of Chinese Ecomuseums (PDF)


Yong Jirong, Cultural Palace of Nationalities Museum (China)

Development of Ethnic Museums and Museums in Ethnic Areasand the Challenges They Face (PDF)


Zhang Minjie, Ethnic Museum of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin (China)

The Thinking of the Ethnic Museums facing challenges (PDF)