ICME Conferences 1946-1969


No activity

1968 – Cologne and Munich, Federal Republic of Germany

Museums and Research, ICOM General Conference

1967 – Baghdad, Iraq

ICME meeting of experts on urgent ethnology

1965 – Washington, Philadelphia, & New York, USA

Training of Museum Personnel, ICOM General Conference

1962 – The Hague, Netherlands

The role of museums of history and folklore in a changing world, ICOM General Conference

1959 – Stockholm, Sweden

The 6th General Assembly of ICOM passes resolutions on Ethnographical Museums as Research Centres, and the Role of Ethnographical Museums in the Preservation and Diffusion of Handicrafts of Artistic Quality Made in Pre-industrialized Societies.

The role of ethnographic museums as an instrument for research, ICOM General Conference

1953 – Genoa, Milano and Bergamo, Italy

Museums and international understanding, ICOM General Conference

1951 – Paris, France

Meeting of the ICOM Commission on Racial Questions, which was a subcommittee of ICME

1950 – London, UK

ICOM General Conference


ICOM is founded in Paris, France, making a resolution to set up a committee for Museums of Ethnography (including folk art and culture)

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