ICME Conferences 1980-1989

1989 – The Hague, The Netherlands

The cultural dimension of development

1988 – Halki, Greece

Museums and the development of small islands, in collaboration with MINOM and ICOFOM

Workshop Museum and Developement

1987 – Leiden, The Netherlands

The presentation of culture

1986 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Museums and the Future of Our Heritage: Emergency Call

1985 – Greece

Meeting of the ICME Working Group on Folk Art

Folklore Forum, Vol. 18/2, 1985

1983 – London, UK

Museums in a developing world

1982 – London, UK

ICME General meeting, Commonwealth Institute

1981 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Meeting of the ICME Working Group on the Return and/or Restitution of Cultural Property

1980 – Mexico City, Mexico

The World’s Heritage: The Museum’s Responsibility

Conference program

Conference papers

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