ICME Conferences 1970-1979

1979 – Amsterdam/Bangkok

Vision and visualilsation – the future of the ethnographic museum, symposium at Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.

The development of ethnography in the regional museums of Southeast Asia, workshop organised by the Asian Sub-Committe of ICME, Bangkok, Thailand

1978 – New Delhi/Copenhagen

Visualisation of theoretical concepts in anthropology, New Delhi, India.

Two meetings of the Working group on Restitution of cultural properties to the people and lands of origin, Copenhagen, Denmark

1977 – Leningrad and Moscow, USSR

Museums and Cultural Exchanges, ICOM General Conference

1975 – Paris, France

ICME meeting

1974 – Copenhagen/Randers (DK)/Ottawa

The Museum and the Modern World, ICOM General Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The role of anthropological museums in national and international education, Randers, Denmark.

Urgent Ethnology Conference, in collaboration with UNESCO & ICOM Canada, Ottawa

1973 – Milwaukee, WI, USA

The ethics of acquisition in ethnography  (see ICOM news 27.1/2, 1974)


ICME planning meeting in Madrid, Spain


ICME suspended as as an ICOM committee due to inactivity and the resignation of both the ICME president and secretary. Seminar on the reconsitution of ICME during the ICOM General Conference, Paris, France


No activity

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